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When it comes to finding accommodation in Cuba, there are a variety of options, ranging from cheap and cheerful casas particulares to expensive and expensive hotels such as the Havana Hotel. For those who want to stay in Old Havana, there are many options, and there is a wide selection of hotels in the old city of Havana as well as in other parts of the capital of the country.

The NH Capri La Habana Hotel offers fantastic facilities that will make your stay in Cuba a unique experience. Among other hotels in Havana, there are many in the old town, such as the Melia Cohiba and the New Havana Hotel. For those who only want to stay in a large tourist hotel, the Melia in Cohibas or the Melia Habanas is a good choice.

The NH Capri La Habana Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in Havana, also boasts excellent architectural construction. From the hotel tower you can see the city of Havana and all its historic buildings, as well as the cathedral of Havana. The roof offers a beautiful view of Cuba's historic city center and the old town.

In Havana, you can enjoy Cuba's rich culture while exploring a historic city full of attractions that offers visitors all of its attractions. Cayo Largo has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that welcomes everyone with an open heart. A bonus of visiting Trinidad is that it is located in the heart of the Caribbean, just a few hours drive from Havana. Few places in Cuba have a better view than the island of Trinidad, home to the largest tropical island in the world.

Breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, beautiful beaches and breathtaking views from the hotel's rooftop terrace, as well as the historic city of Trinidad and its beautiful beach.

Playa Larga is undoubtedly known for the Bay of Pigs invasion, so let's explore it now. Just minutes from the historic city of Trinidad and its beautiful beach, Playa Punta Cana, this exclusive beach with live entertainment offers some of the most beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and the world of Caribbean beach.

Located on Paseo del Prado, the hotel offers panoramic views of Havana from its 360-degree roof. The Piscina Mirador bar on the 8th floor offers a unique combination of modernity, luxury and decoration, combining the Paseo del Prado of the SO with the unique design of the historic fortresses of Morro La Cabana and its unique architecture. Located on a hill in the historic Paseso de la Paz district, this hotel also offers panoramic views of Havana with 360-degree roofs.

Since the founding of Meeting Point Cuba in 2014, Meeting Point International has become one of the most popular destinations for international meetings and conferences. Cuban dance - inspired by three dance styles that make Cuba famous in the international sphere and also in the international sphere, the interior decoration of rooms is designed. This vibrant and unique hotel, which you will have the pleasure of staying on the magical island of Cuba, is inspired by the three dance styles that are recognized in this world and reflected in the rooms and decorations, while you feel the joy of the surroundings and the beauty of this beautiful island.

Havana Paseo del Prado has 250 rooms, including 36 suites, and will open in May 2019. It will offer a total of 6,000 square meters of space, with a capacity of 1,500 rooms and 2,800 square meters of office space.

AccorHotels is present in Cuba and plans to expand its presence and options with a new address to be opened in Havana in the early 2020s. The SO Havana Paseo del Prado will be located at the intersection of Havana Boulevard and Havana Street, just outside the city center.

The hotel will be a unique solution for the brave luxury traveler and will be the first of its kind in Cuba and one of the largest in the world. The Prado La Habana has become a vibrant and modern meeting point in the capital, and we are sure that the SO Paseo del prado Havana will appeal to even the most daring luxury traveler, as it is the only hotel in its class in Havana with its unique design and luxurious amenities. Havana will also be the number one hotel with over 1,000 rooms and a number of restaurants and bars.

The hotel has 321 rooms spread over 10 floors and has a total area of 1.5 million square meters. The hotel will have 250 rooms spread over 10 floors, with an average room rate of $1,500 per night and a maximum room capacity of 2,000 people.

In partnership with AccorHotels, SO Havana Paseo del Prado is a Havana-based tourism and hospitality company that represents more than 30,400 rooms in Cuba and will be part of the government, owned by Cuba's largest state-owned tourism and hospitality industry, the largest hotel chain in the world, and the second largest Havana-based tourism and hospitality company in Latin America.

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