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The number of tourists in Havana, Cuba, is on the rise, especially since the United States recently allowed commercial flights to Havana for the first time in five decades. Since the US government relaxed its travel restrictions on the island nation, it seems that everyone I spoke to was either planning to go there, return to Cuba, or seriously thinking about going there.

Below is a list of the best Western hotels in Havana, Cuba's capital. I know this because it is very common for travelers to end up in the resort to stay a week and also want to visit Havana for a night or two. Miramar is known for being the most popular hotel in Cuba and where I stayed in Havana. One of more market hotels outside Havana, the Hotel Nacional de Cuba has luxurious suites and private rooms in each.

Built in the old Havana Stock Exchange, this unique place offers authentic and tasteful living in the center of the Cuban capital. The hotel, a beautifully restored colonial house, is the ultimate destination for connoisseurs of Cuban cigars. Each room is named after a tobacco plantation and of course allows smoking.

N, named after the address in Havana, is also one of Cuba's best gay hotels. It is not the only gay hotel in the city, but it is just three blocks away, making it the perfect base for exploring the top 10 activities in Cuban Havana.

There are three main sections of Havana that are particularly interesting to visitors: the heart of everything in the city, the city center and the old town. If you want to be sure that this is the best place to stay, you have to go to the old town.

If you want to visit Havana for a stay at the all-inclusive resort Varadero, you can make your own excursion plans at a fraction of the cost. A great option is to split your stay between Varadsero and Havana, which is a very popular choice and the best in the world. Viazul can be reached almost anywhere in Cuba from Havana, and budget travelers will be shocked by the prices between 15 and 50 CUC.

The Dutch jazz photographer, who lives in Havana, takes an early morning stroll through Havana Vieja. For more Cuba tips, see our Cuba travel guide and our article on why you should visit Havana and prepare to be amazed during your trip to Cuba.

Cocktails in Cuba are much more expensive than in government-run hotels like the Hotel Nacional, which cost more than $7. There are many bars and restaurants in Havana and everywhere you go, but it easily costs over $150 per night. Check rates and availability, including transfers to and from Havana, on your hotel's website.

It is located in the heart of the gritty Centro de Havana, within walking distance of Vedado and the old town of Havana, but it is quieter and must be visited to get the best food and drinks in Havana. Vedados is one of the most popular bars and restaurants in the city with a wide selection of cocktails and food.

If you live in Old Havana, just walk or take a taxi, there are many buses and taxis that run between the two cities. If you arrive at any of the other airports of Internationals in Cuba, you should take a time-saving domestic flight to Havana Airport or Havana International Airport. There are several ways to get to and from Havana if you are in Havana and do not need to take a bus, taxi or private car to the airport or your hotel in the historic center of Vedado or the old city of Havana. If you are flying to Havana airport, be sure to read our Havana Airlines arrival guide for more information on the best hotels and other travel options.

If you really want to visit the old town of Havana and the historic center of Vedado and Old Havana again, you will want to stay at the Hotel Nacional.

This eclectic hotel was built in 1920 and is hard to beat in the old town of Havana. This elegant hotel on Havana's Malecon beach boulevard is a classic Cuban hotel.

This beautiful beach, also called Playa Amarillo, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city of Havana and the capital of Cuba. Guanabacoa is located just a few blocks from the historic center of Havana and beats in the heart of the Afro-Cuban religion. The famous Fidel Castro entered and dominated Havana during his time as a young man and later as leader of the Cuban Communist Party.

In the 1950s, various venues were opened in Havana, including the Hotel Nacional, which still operates a cabaret. The hotel nights are held every first Saturday of the month from 6 pm to midnight, and you can spend the afternoon in the terrace bar. If you are not staying in the most classic of all hotels in Havana, the "Nacial," then you should spend an afternoon in one of the many restaurants and bars in downtown Havana.

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