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When it comes to the best restaurants in Havana, Cuba, the Old Town offers a range of options. Of the Mexican-influenced tapas bars in the city's old town, here are the "best" restaurants in Havana that we think you'll find.

If you are traveling to Cuba, this list of 8 restaurants is certainly helpful, but if you have been to a restaurant in Havana, you should add your recommendations in the comments. Whether you want to try one of Cuba's most popular tapas bars or just eat a good slice of pizza, this list of 8 restaurants will help you.

If you haven't made it or know where to go, but know that what you find here is fantastic, then be sure to check out what we find here. This stop on our list of restaurants in Havana, Cuba, is located on the lobby level of Malecon Havana. A great three-day tour to Havana that highlights some of Cuba's best monuments, museums and restaurants. Read more articles about Cuba, including our guide to the most popular tourist attractions in the city and the best hotels in Cuba.

This bohemian-style restaurant with vintage décor explores everything from Caribbean, Latin American, Spanish and Cuban cuisine. The food is modern and noble, and there are quite a few tourists who wander around overlooking the water.

Some of the best places in Havana to have a drink are La Galeria, the Old Town Bar and the Havana Bar & Grill. There are no cheap options for dining, but the Cuban island restaurant is an eye-catcher. The LaGaleria is perhaps the most popular bar and restaurant in the city of Havana and perhaps one of the best restaurants in Havana and Cuba. It acts like a bar, with a menu that is considered the most complete in Cuba, from the classic Cuban dishes to the more exotic dishes.

If you're strolling through the old squares of Havana Vieja and getting hungry, La Vitrola is a good place to take a break. Casas particulares is the best place in Havana to have a great view of the city and its beautiful streets, and if you forget the hungry. There are a number of restaurants and bars on the island that you can book through Airbnb or booking.com.

If you love seafood, we recommend you go after tasting some of the heavenly dishes that will surely make you fall in love with more Havana Cuba. If these restaurants are not enough to convince you that Cuba is your next destination, we do not know what it will be. In fact, restaurants in Havana, Cuba, will leave you with unforgettable memories inspired by decades of colorful cultural influence. They will create unforgettable memories - inspiring decades - rich in colorful and cultural influences.

Havana's restaurants are owned by locals and focus on local cuisine, so here are some of the best places to dine with locals in Havana. In general, Havana, Cuba is a great place that we would like to find in his kitchen.

Cuba Libre may be a chain, but that doesn't stop them from being the best in Philly when it comes to authentic Caribbean snacks and Cuban rum. Cuban restaurants - owned and run by Cubans - are among the best in the business when it comes to authentic Cuban food, great service and great atmosphere. Honestly, this is perhaps one of our best restaurants in Havana, and the queues every single night prove it.

Of all the restaurants in Havana, El Chanchullero is the best restaurant for dinner. This is undoubtedly one of our best places to eat traditional Cuban cuisine, and we have it at the top of our list of activities in Havana.

Unfortunately, the best food in Cuba is rare and you get it almost only at home, cooked by Cuban housewives. The key to a good Cuban restaurant is to eat where the Cubans are, not in a resort or hotel. It may take a bit of footwork, but we now have several of our favorite restaurants in Havana.

This delicious pork tamale has all the hallmarks of a bar and restaurant in old Havana that combines Cuban cuisine with Russian dishes. This cozy Paladar (independently run restaurant) is located in the heart of Havana, just a few blocks from the main street, and is a staple of ancient Creole cuisine that gives you a taste of true Cuban street life. Anyone who visits this Cuban restaurant knows its cigars by hand - rolled cigars and live Cuban music. This restaurant houses a quirky art collection that recalls a time when Cuba was at its height and movie stars made it a magnet.

This is a classic Cuban cocktail that is not served in the restaurant, but is absolutely everywhere and is a great choice. We recommend the Canchanchara (picture below) It costs only 4.50 dollars (CUC) and is recommended as an accompaniment to a few other delicious dishes.

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