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People queue to buy groceries at a grocery store in Havana, Cuba's second largest city, in this July 2, 2014 photo. Cubans explore the new mall, taking pictures with their cellphones while shopping for goods that may be bought for life. Despite the odyssey many of them undertake to feed themselves, some Cubans still prefer a short detour to a neighboring island for their food and other essentials. Some Cubans say they have been robbed of the large amounts of cash they can carry.

If so, one of the recommended measures in Cuba is to respond patiently and to remember that the Internet and Cuba cannot be taken for granted. Let's start with the undisputed number one souvenir we should bring from Cuba: a photo of ourselves. If you are not caught off guard during your trip, you can take a list of all the things you will take with you to Cuba. In addition to the 10 things every woman should know before visiting Cuba, here is a list of things to buy in Havana, Havana's second largest city.

Vinales is the place to visit tobacco plantations in Cuba and watch elaborate cigars being made, and there is a decent selection. Get a nice one from La Habana Vieja, located in Casa del Vinale, or one of the nice ones from El Caballero. In Havana, you can buy cigars and smoke them on the beach, in the city center, in a bar or even in your hotel room. Where you can combine the best of both worlds: good cigars, good food and good wine, all in one place.

Those who are looking for handicrafts that are only to be found in Cuba will not be disappointed by the relative selection. What I love is that all the artisanal products sold here are located in Cuba and feature traditional Cuban designs and iconic images and reuse Cuban products.

That said, there are so many more to see, but these are my favourite picks and I'll leave you with my travel plans. Once you have learned about the current events in Cuba and the places you should visit, I will give you some advice on how to prepare for your trip. Given that there is so much to expect, so little time to travel and that it is almost certain that you will travel to Cuba, if you have little time, you will be able to highlight some of the best places in the capital and keep up to date with the latest news and information about what is happening in Havana. I think you should know where to buy cigars in Cuba before you go to Havana, because when you go to Cuba you should be aware of what Cuban cigars could be on the black market and looking for black markets for them.

While it is true that they can be expensive, and although it is true that they cost 20-30 dollars, really good cigars are the same ones sold in Cuba, and you will make a deal no matter what. When you go to Cuba, you expect to be able to buy your food there in the same way as you do here, but that is wrong.

There are official shops throughout the city, including the Hostal Valencia Hotel in the historic center of Havana. The Cuban Government owned cigar shops, go to them if you are looking for the real thing, or buy in the UK, but be warned: Cuban cigars are bees, and there is no shortage of them in Cuba.

Climbing the bell tower can cost 1 CUC (Cuban currency), and visiting the cathedral's frescoes and altars is one of the free activities in Havana.

After tasting local drinks, you can simply sit back and listen to live Cuban jazz or browse for handmade rums and cigars in a gift shop. We love Cuban cigars and we would love to visit Cuba and go shopping. Whether you are looking for rum, cigars or gifts for family and friends, Cuba is a great shopping destination for you! Whether it's a gift for a friend or family member, or even just for yourself, our experts will take you to the clubs Cubans go to to have a good time.

We would also like to add that if you would like to travel independently to Cuba, one of the best ways to do so in Cuba may be to take part in a guided tour to relieve yourself of the stress of organizing everything yourself. Let us hope that relations between Cuba and the United States will improve in the future and make sure that you support the Cubans on the ground in their travel decisions! Our favorite items to pick up in Havana are the beautiful upper flaps that detail details such as color, size, shape and even the size of your cigars.

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